Pretty Warrior May Cry

Release Year: 2018

A hentai version of the old PSP game Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!. You dig out a maze and place down some monsters. Then heroes come wandering in and your monsters have to beat them using sex or violence. Enemies you defeat can be corrupted in the "torture" room and then used in battle against their fellow comrades.

Sex scenes are all animated and include regular human on human (blowjobs, cowgirl,...) but primarily girls with various monsters. Orcs, slimes, , wolves, giants,...

Note that this is not the "Enhanced Edition", which features all scenes reworked in a different, more colorful (but not necessarily better) artstyle. The studio shut down years ago due to legal troubles, so there is no way to buy the game anymore and it's getting difficult to find online, especially the non-enhanced version.

Game Info:
Version: 1.3
Censorship: Yes (Pixelated)
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: Engrish + Japanese

File size: 510.4 MB

FilesMonster DDL

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