Young Dolls Fight With A Strong string - Part 2

Spidergirl shows up to the villains lair and is immediately ambushed. First he ties her spread on the bed and "unmasks" whats under that crotch zipper.. "Black panties?!".. Then he proceeds to vibrate her into a huge orgasm. Next, He straps her helpless body to a chair and unmasks her to find out her secret identity. "The mayors girl?!.. Well we know hell pay a handsome reward for her safe return!" He decides he better keep her quiet, so he ballgags her. Not quite satisfied, he wraps her head with electrical tape. Hmm, maybe now a satin scarf over will keep her quieter... Now to hold it all in place, a leather harness gag strapped on tight.

Total size: 25.5 GB in 50 files.

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