Ayakashi Yuukaku - Karakuri Jochuu no Mukashigatari

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

This is a story that happened a few years ago when the "Ayakashi Genro" was created, a Playground of another world where youkai act as prostitutes.
"Hieda Arena" was caused by a mistake made in the past.
I was cursed that my libido would never run out.
Wandering through the mountains in search of a way to remove the curse, Ahren arrives at the mansion.

It left a bound doll that looked like a woman.
Aren, inferior to glamorous modeling,
Insert the male device into the bright hidden part of the intertwined doll and spit out the sperm.

«… Lord. Thank you for helping my heart."

Suddenly, the intertwined doll moved and thanked Ahren.
Calling herself heartbeat, she says that she is a monster fed by human spirits - the karakuri.

The key to the curse lies in the heartbeat.
With this in mind, Ahren decides to stay in this deserted mansion for a while ...

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