Slutty Big Booted Canela Skin Gets The Anal Treatment

Release Year: 2020
Studio: AnalJust
Cast: Canela Skin
Genres: Anal, Big Tits, Brunette, Clips, HD, MILF, Big Dick, Cowgirl, Cumshot, Deepthroat, Dildo, Doggy Style, Fake Tits, Gaping, Innocent, Missionary, 1080p
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Meet Canela Skin, who definetely rings the "slutty" bell. Of course that means, that her figure is just yummy and something you really want your dick to be put in.
Let's examine her closely. That is no issue at all, since she teases her big butt (twerk action on a very high level) and other parts of her body quite extended. Giving almost a striptease of sorts. Anyways, apart from her big butt it is kinda obvious that she have a lot of tats on herself, and also a big round, bouncy set of boobs...
It takes just 4 minutes, and we will be able to see her tits on her fake boobs very closely. And also it is now confirmed, that her full body is covered in tats. But again, her body overall is just great. Fit, skin is flawless, and shiny white teeth.
Worth noticing her slightly bushy private area. Not fully shaved is something of a novelty nowadays, and we are very grateful when we see one!
Since she teases up close her pussy, a close examination could reveal that there is no single bad thing we can say about that as well. Perfectly shaped, clit looks nice, and the entry looks tight, yet inviting. Yums!
When she asks for a seemingly anal dildo, we can only hope that good stuff is coming! She lubricates it with her saliva, and quickly slides it straight to the ass. Goes in deep, despite the fact that this ass looks just as tight and innocent as her pussy. But you know, when you see a girl with such a body, it would be suprising to see that she is not experienced with certain insertions at certain holes, if you know what I mean.
Not that it was really necessary, but she worked on that asshole for a good 10 or so minutes, before our guy, Josh arrives. He poured a lot of oil on her ass area, and starts gaping it. He is already rock solid hard, not suprising. Mutual play begins where he pushes that dildo into her rectum as deep as it gets - he probably thinks, that soon it is time to switch places.
As being said, he is rock hard solid, so a blowjob session not really necessary. But to get into the mood (and probably so she can tease us again with her hm... capabilities), she does it anyways. Grabs on that cock and does a series of deepthroats. That girl really has a talent of pleasing! Josh even does some throatfucks before quickly removes that dildo from her ass, pours some more oils (what she twerks off well), and replaces that said dildo with his own stick.
That dong goes in balls deep from the beginning, and the pace of ass fucking intense from the beginning. Looks like both of them been doing this their whole lifes. Or both of them are just horny for eachother? Anyhow, seeing those cheeks of her ass bouncing around is just... WOW! How can he stand not exploding immediately? He was thinking probably that same thing, so he switches position, and now they are facing eachother on that chair.
Deep ass fucking continues, thankfully. A lot of bodily fluids, and lubricants pouring from their holes, body, armpits etc. It makes the scenery a bit messy, but anal fuck is only good when messy, right?!
A new shipment of oil arrived, and immediately applied to herself. Made the penetration again flawless! She sounds like she enjoys it, and he seems to enjoy it too playing around that tiny little asshole.
Her pussy kept stimulated for sure, as his big dick comes and goes inside out, because seemingly she had a little orgasm! Did you notice?
Anyhow, after that they land on the bed to be a bit more comfy. It takes some time, that they find a mutually beneficial position, but they manage. He keeps pounding that ass well, and she receives it well. Great session! He does some clit petting on her, which is appreciated always.
After missionary, sideways, cowgirl (with reverse) riding of that dick, we arrive at doggy style. That is probably provides the best view of it all of her, because she has such a bouncy-round ass, that working it just gives the final stimulation you need to fully explode.
To finish things off ,straight from the ass she milks that dick for a messy cumshot. She partly swallowed that jizz, most of it landed all around her body as she spitted on herself.
All in all this is a nasty slut, who on face looks innocent, upper body definetely a slut, just so she becomes again innocent on the downer parts. A definete fuck doll, whom we would work anytime of the day!

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