Night24 - Carriage woman disqualification

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Yuri Ozawa who appeared on Full Road 9 at the command of her husband.
This time I came to DMS to become a carriage woman.
First of all, training starts from basic walking on all fours.
The nipple is sandwiched by a powerful clip with a weight, and the whip is pulled around, and it is hung and the whole body is swollen by being hit with a single whip.
Adhesive tape is attached to the mouth and it is restrained with a wide leg open and an .
Simultaneous injection of and tide when stimulated with electric massage!
In addition to hanging the Sugawara blame, she screams at the candle blame.
She is tied up and slapped many times, spilling tears and crying and thrusting the cock into her throat.
Furthermore, the whip is hung upside down, and it vomits because it was hung for a long time.
An oversized dildo is inserted in the anus and urine is poured into the anus that opens wide with a funnel.
Of course, spilled urine is licked and cleaned.
Finally, the equipment as a carriage woman can be attached, but since it can not move people when it is pistoned, it is trained as a carriage woman for carrying luggage, but this is also bad …
Two men’s cocks are continuously inserted in the deep throat, two holes are inserted at the same time, the holes are used, one person makes facial cum shot in the deep throat, and semen is continuously shot in the back of the throat. It is violently slapped.
The last is a compulsory opening device and a toilet bowl?
Is attached to the face and becomes a human toilet.
A woman who cannot be used as a carriage woman will be reused as a toilet woman …
It’s a ridiculous story in the near future, but the content is a dreadful hell picture!

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